Wednesday, February 4, 2009

17 Months

Kylie 17 Months Old

Kylie is 17 Months old today. I can't believe how much she has changed and how much she is learning each day. My little baby is turning into a little girl before my eyes. While it brings me joy to see her growing up, I am a bit sad that I don't have a "itty bitty" anymore! She changes each day and warms my heart with her sweet smile and constant hugs and repeating of "I yuh you"!! Thank you God for my beautiful little Angel! The latest happenings with Kylie.......
1. She is still a of 15 months she hadn't made it to 20 lbs yet and falls in the 5%.
2. Loves loves loves Carbs...bread, crackers, tortillas, pancakes, bagels, etc...
3. Loves her brother BUT has learned to whine, squeak, squeal and hit him when she sees fit.
4. Still gets excited to see him when we pick him up from school...that only lasts a few minutes.
5. Has learned "No"...uses it over and over and gets old!
6. Has learned to HIT...anything...walls, table, Mommy, Daddy, Cole, the floor....
7. From the previous two....I think we have hit the "Terrible Twos"!!
8. She loves music...any kind....when listening in the car she will whine until the next song comes on.
9. Loves to Dance to any "music" even if it is just you snapping your fingers. If it has a beat, she moves her body!!
10. Has started to "sing"..."la ta to eeh ooh ma wee woh me ba" is really cute!
11. Kisses with her mouth closed and makes the "smooch" sound. I love it..spit and all!
12. She is addicted to milk. She begs for it all day long by signing it and saying "Ma Ma Ma".
13. Signs more and more now....Milk, Water, Bread, Cracker, Apple, Mommy, Daddy, Cole, Bye-Bye, Choo Choo, night night, Bird, Bath, Cold, Hot, Coffee (yes I taught her coffee), Doggy, eat/food, cookie, and many more.
14. Is talking more and more each day. I so love the sound of "Mama".
15. Will repeat almost any word you ask her to say!! It may not be exact but it sure is close and so cute that she tries so hard to say it.
16. Loves to go Bye Bye and gets so excited when she knows we are going somewhere.
17. Kylie is the cutest, sweetest, most loving little girl God could have ever blessed us with!