Friday, January 18, 2008


Just a quick update on Kylie and Cole. Cole got his report card and it was great!!! To my great surprise he is excelling in Math. I was terrible in Math so I guess he gets it from Rob. It is really crazy how much homework Cole has in Kindergarten. It takes us two nights to finish it all. I am not looking forward to how much more he will have in the following years. Kylie had her 4 month check-up and weight check. Not a whole lot of change with the weight. She is 11 pounds and 4 1/2 ozs. and still in the 10%. The Dr. was pleased that Kylie had gained weight from the last visit so she thinks that Kylie might just be a little girl!!! The concern was that she was not gaining enough weight due to the acid reflux. So as long as there is a weight gain then she should be okay.

Just wanted to share with you comparisons with Cole and Kylie's weight. It's funny just how different they are .

3 weeks old
Cole 9lbs. 9.5 ozs.
Kylie 7lbs. 14 ozs.

8 weeks old
Cole 13 lbs. 5.5 ozs.
Kylie 9 lbs. 2 ozs.

4 months old
Cole 15 lbs. 11.5 ozs.
Kylie 11 lbs. 4.5 ozs.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Christmas Surprises

Soooo here is my blog that I have been working on since October!!!! I have not posted anything since then. Funny how life with two children is soooo different than before. Here is Cole and Kylie at Christmas. We had a great Christmas with Pops, Aunt Tessie, Uncle Gary, Gray and Jaxson. Everyone came over to our house for Christmas Eve snacks and then we all went to see the movie, The Chipmunks. It was Jaxson's first movie and he did great. Kylie however not as good. Rob and I took turns taking her out. She wasn't as thrilled with the Chipmunks as everyone else. Christmas morning we got up to see what Santa left and then our wonderful friend and neighbor, Diane came over and had breakfast with us. Later we went to Aunt Tessie's house and had lunch with everyone including Gary's parents. It was a great Christmas for everyone!!! I will post more pictures later.

Monday, January 14, 2008