Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Kylie!

Today is our baby girl's 1st Birthday! I can't believe she has grown so fast and not a baby anymore. She has changed so much in just a year....we can't wait to see the little girl she will become. God has blessed us with first our beautiful son and now with a sweet little girl!! I am thanking God everyday for these perfect angels!!

I will post more later....our computer crashed and I am borrowing a computer to just be able to document this. We have missed sooo much on our blog...summer vacation, Cole's 6Th birthday and first day of 1st grade and now Kylie's birthday. As soon as we are up and running I will have a TON of pictures to post.

Friday, August 15, 2008

No More Formula....I Hope!!!

Well we have run out of formula so I called Kylie's Dr. to find out if we could give her the real stuff yet. We got the okay so today I went to the store and bought the "liquid gold"!! She just had some and seems to like it.....yea another pay raise! We'll see how the day goes and pray for no signs of allergies.

Just a thought....wouldn't it be cool if cars could run on milk seeing how it cost more than a gallon of gas now!!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Kylie 11 Months

Kylie turned 11 months old on September 4th. I can't believe she is almost a year old! Time has flown by and she has changed so much before our eyes. Here is her list of new tricks and fun things.

1. She is now signing...all finished (w/one hand), cookie, milk, more, & please.
2. Is now it shouldn't much longer on the crawling.
3. Has 4 teeth including a huge gap between her two front teeth (so did Cole).
4. Loves all food but especially loves BEANS....great!!
5. Waves at almost everyone and has been very friendly until....
6. Last weekend I think she started seperation anxiety!!
7. Is terrified of men dressed up like shepards...that's another story.
8. She loves music and will dance and stomp her foot or shake her leg.
9. She is already practicing her karate chops on her big brother...he loves it!
10.Loves going for rides in her little car & likes to pretend to steer.
11.She really loves books and will sit forever and just flip through them.

That's it for now for our sweet baby girl....until next month at One Year Old!

I had to throw in this hilarious picture of Kylie. She gets this look from her Dad!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Recipe Swap Again

It is recipe swap time again over at Grocery Cart Challenge.

No Cook Banana Pudding

1 Large Box Instant Vanilla Pudding
1 Can Eagle Brand Milk (Not Evap)
1 Large Cool Whip (I use 8 oz. either works)
1 tsp. Vanilla Extract
1 Box Vanilla Wafers (I use cheap brand)
1 Bunch Bananas

Follow directions on pudding box. Beat in Eagle Brand Milk and then fold in whip cream and vanilla. Layer your pudding mix, bananas and cookies in the order you like. This makes a ton of pudding so it is perfect for taking to a party or potluck.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Recipe Swap Friday

It's that time again....Recipe Swap Friday over at Grocery Cart Challenge. The recipe I came up with is from the Kraft Magazine. This recipe is super easy and really yummy!!

Slow Cooker Baked Beans

Prep Time:
15 min
Total Time:
6 hr 15 min
10 servings, 1/2 cup each

3 cans (15 oz. each) pinto beans, drained, rinsed
1 cup KRAFT Original Barbecue Sauce
1 small onion, chopped
1/4 cup firmly packed light brown sugar
2 slices OSCAR MAYER Bacon, chopped

PLACE all ingredients in slow cooker; mix well. Cover with lid.
COOK on LOW for 4 to 6 hours (or on HIGH for 3 hours).
Kraft Kitchens Tips
Prepare as directed, using your favorite flavor of KRAFT Barbecue Sauce.

Thursday, July 31, 2008



Tuesday Rob and I went to a movie preview and were blown away by this movie!! The movie is called Fireproof. It is by the same creator of Facing the Giants which was a great movie as well. It was done by the Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia and Kirk Cameron is the main character. What is really neat is that this movie had a $500,000 budget and was made in 31 days. Every piece of equipment was donated and everyone volunteered for the movie including Kirk Cameron. I can't say enough about what this movie stands for. It is a love story that every marriage could use. Even if you are not married or if you have been married for 50 years it would be such a gift to both you and your partner. Finally a movie that has a purpose. I hope that everyone can be blessed from this movie! Go see'll be glad you did.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I did It!

I decided to take the Grocery Cart Challenge and I did it and was under budget. Thanks to Gayle I am looking forward to saving my family money and hopefully cooking some yummy meals. If you think you can't do just head over to Gayle's website and think again!! The most important thing for me to remember is PLAN and DON'T TAKE THE KIDS! I only spent $42 and have a plan for 7 dinners (and we always have leftovers), several breakfasts (I don't cook breakfast everyday) and two healthy desserts...we will be eating those as snacks as well. I don't have time this week to do the Menu Plan Monday and list what I bought but I will try next time and if anyone wants some of the recipes let me know. I got several of the recipes from the Friday Swap and can't wait to try them!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Recipe Swap

Gayle at The Grocery Cart Challenge is having a recipe swap today so I thought I would participate because I am running out of ideas for feeding my family. I am tired of making the same thing over and over. The recipe I chose is not really a recipe I found anywhere but something my Mom use to make and I starting making using what ingredients I have on hand so hopefully it is not confusing for you.

Cowboy Packets

1 lb. Ground Meat (use amt. that fits your family size)
Marinade (we use Allegro)
We use the following veggies or whatever is on hand:
Green Beans
Whole Kernel Corn
Sliced Potatoes

After seasoning your meat with marinade, make patties out of the meat and put on piece of heavy duty tin foil. Use a piece of foil that will make a packet that can hold meat and all your veggies. Put veggies on top of meat and add a couple more drops of marinade to veggies and fold up packet. We put ours on the grill but you can put them in the oven. I usually serve some type of rice, salad or homemade bread along with it. The options are endless of what you can put in your packets!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 10 Months on the 4th!!

Our sweet Kylie turned 10 months old on the 4th of July. She has changed so much and definitely has developed her own little personality. She is completely different from the way Cole was as a baby! The only thing they have in common is that they both love to sleep. Here are a few things about Kylie, some new and some that haven't changed.

1. She still loves to sleep and is still taking 3 naps a day.
2. She really enjoys being in the water...just not fond of the ocean.
3. Has her third tooth coming in...Cole had 7 teeth at this age.
4. Loves Loves Loves animals and the minute she sees one she starts "cooing".
5. Is pulling up on everything....just not brave enough to cruise.
6. Has signed "all finished" and just tonight signed "more". Not really interested
in signing...she would rather grunt and whine, however she says "Ma" for more.
7. Crawls everywhere and has bumps and bruises to prove it.
8. Says "Mama", "Dada","Dade", "Baba" (bottle and Bye-Bye), "Ma" (more).
9. Eats everything!! She is refusing most baby food but still enjoys her oatmeal and
fruit. Has eaten Roast, sweet potato, Lima beans, re fried beans, cantaloupe, rice,
Asian noodles, garlic toast, watermelon, tortillas, and list goes on!!!
10.Gives sweet slimy kisses...those are the best!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Supper Wish

Another Funny Brought to you by Cole

Cole: My wish did not come true Mom.
Me: What was your wish?
Cole: To have something else for Supper!

And to think we were just having leftover Tacos. I usually get the whole "You're better than Rachel Ray Mom!!"

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

9 Months Old

Kylie turned 9 months old on June 4th and decided it was time to CRAWL, CUT TWO TEETH AND PULL UP all in about a weeks time! Where did my little baby go? She had her 9 month Dr. visit yesterday and she is slowly moving up the charts. She now weighs 16 lbs.-%25, stands 27 1/2 inches-%25 and her little noggin is in the %50! The Dr. seemed pleased with her growth and the Acid Reflux doesn't seem to be coming back!! She she has come a long way from the poor little baby girl that use to just cry and cry in pain!! Well, I guess I need to go baby proof the little munchkin is started to make her way through out the house! We love you Kylie!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Last Day of Kindergarten

This is Cole's Kindergarten class picture taken in the fall.

June 4th, 2008
Just a few shots of the last day of school. They had a big blow up slip and slide and the kids had a blast. Everyone got to sign beach balls and each others class T-shirts. We all ate pizza and had popsicles...what a great last day of school!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Kindergarten Graduation Play

My little boy had his "graduation" performance on May 29th. Check out the video of him saying his line. Rob was not able to get the entire play...what a bummer..but at least we got this part!! Instead of walking the stage the kids put on a production called "Earth, Moon, Sun and Stars". The production was put on by Cole's class, The Dinos and the neighbor class, The Munchkins. Cole was the SUN and did a great stage fright!! We got to enjoy some yummy cake after the production. Each child received an Anagram afterwards and Cole's was like this:

One of a Kind

I think that fits him perfectly!! Pops came up to see the production and then later Pops and Rob went back to the school and surprised Cole with Pizza for lunch. We asked Cole where he would like to go for his Graduation Dinner and he chose Quesadilla House (it is really called the Texican but Cole has called it Quesadilla House since he was about 3). After Dinner we gave him a few presents to celebrate his milestone. I can't believe he is almost finished with Kindergarten...the year went by so fast!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Photo Friday 5

Monday, May 19, 2008

When It's Too Hot During T-Ball.....

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Country Living

Living in the country has its advantages, especially if you are a little boy. Today while we were burning limbs Cole asked if he could....hmm what word should I use......we'll just say "tinkle"....I know that's a girl word. Anyway before relieving himself he decided it was a good idea to dig a hole first.......let's just say he is a good shot and no I did not let him cover the hole back up!

Boys will be Boys no matter where you's just better that the neighbors don't see!!

Sorry no photo available ;)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Photo Friday 4

Monday, May 12, 2008

Who Needs Diamonds

Mother's Day has come and gone and I am left with more beautiful gifts to treasure. No I didn't get a diamond ring or new car, I got the best gifts a girl could want. I got Homemade from the heart gifts and with lunch to boot it was a great Mother's Day!

This is a card that my sweet family made me and Kylie even signed the card. See the picture of her in her highchair signing it. Rob took a picture of Cole doing the same thing on my very first Mother's Day!

This is a clay heart that Cole made me in Art at school. It came home on Friday in a package and Cole wanted me to open it then soooo bad. I had to hide it so he wouldn't open it for me. I wanted to be surprised on Mother's Day. I love it!!

This is a Periwinkle that his teacher helped him plant in a beautifully painted pot!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Photo Friday 3

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Batter Up

Cole had his first T-ball game of the season last Saturday and he was in "Full Swing". He missed a whole season of sports due to my pregnancy so he was ready.

I call this the "Tushie Swing"
This is Cole and a Kindergarten classmate, Issac on opposing teams.

Cole throwing one into home. Notice the grass hanging out of his mouth. He spent the whole game with that grass in his mouth. Sunflower seeds, grass....I guess it's all the same!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

8 Months Old

Our little girl turned 8 months old yesterday....where has the time gone?
Here are a few things about our sweet Kylie:
1. She has mastered Mama, Dada and now is saying
"Ba" when we go outside, which we think is Bye-Bye. When I leave to pick-up Cole from school I always say "lets go Bye-Bye and when we walk Daddy and Cole out to leave in the morning we say "Bye-Bye".
2. She is holding her own bottle...she needs a little help putting her hands on it to start. It is a very heavy bottle with all the components inside!!
3. She loves all the baby food we have given her. Although she has made a few faces at some things (like Meat, I would too cause it STINKS) she has not turned anything down. It is finally starting to show-have you checked out those thighs!!!
4. Although she is not crawling yet she is doing much better about being on her tummy. When she is on her tummy she turns all around instead of going forward.
5. Since being off of the Reflux pillow she has started turning over in her bed. And around and upside down!! She finally has freedom to move around and does not stay in one spot for too long.
6. She is officially off of her medication and so far so good. We will keep praying that all goes well.
7. She likes to wave at other people except her Mommy and Daddy. Other people will tell her Hi and have been saying she is waving and we finally got to see her do it. It is really cute cause she will do it even when people aren't looking at her.
8. She likes attention and will GROWL until you give her some!! It is kinda hard to have a conversation with someone with all that growling but once you acknowledge her she will stop.
9. Kylie is the happiest most content baby I have ever seen. Once she got over her rough couple of weeks after birth she has been the easiest baby and likes everyone and we LOVE her!!

7 Random Things

Wow I got tagged......Not that anyone is going to care about this but here goes...except Jessica since she is the one that tagged me!!

1. I grew up in the country with and around cows, chickens, horses, rabbits, a hog, etc. and been able to witness lots of births of many animals. I was in 4-H, FFA, judged hay once, helped grow our own veggies and use to love to drive my 3-wheeler all over the country side…I know I’m a Nerd!! Who woulda thunk it!!

2. My middle name is Ann and had always been the plan, but my mother had trouble deciding between Betty and Leslie as my first name. I glad she went with Leslie.

3. I am addicted to movies and T.V. in general but my guilty pleasure is reality T.V. such as Big Brother, Survivor, Hells Kitchen, American Idol, and Biggest Loser.

4. I use to play the piano and clarinet but now I don’t have a musical bone in my body. I do still have the same piano that my Mom, Sister and I played on.

5. Speaking of bones, I have never officially broken a bone. I think I broke a toe once but never went to the Dr. I have gone to the ER for a sprained ankle though.

6. I had always wanted to do something in Criminal Justice and ended up working for a Police Department totally by accident. I worked there for 8 loooong years. It was the most interesting job ever since I had to do crazy things like learn the Penal Code and remember it, dispatch, do research for news stations, deal with sex offenders info, and get cursed out daily by parents and oh my boss!! (AND I met my sweet husband there!!)

7. I am a very sentimental person and love heirlooms. Although my home is not decorated with new and matching furniture, most of it is furnished with antiques from both sides of my family which I love!! Some of the things I have are rocking chairs, an iron bed, glass door knob, my great-grandmothers painted wooden bowl, paper that my grandmother wrote Silent Night on in German and something very special my grandmother’s wedding book from 1918 complete with a baptism picture of her.

So not very interesting but there you have it!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Photo Friday 2

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Something is Missing and so is My Little Boy

Can you tell what is missing? Cole lost his first tooth yesterday and now he is officially NOT a little boy. He has been telling me for a while now that he is not a baby anymore but now this just seals the deal. He has waited a long time to get on the "Lost Tooth" chart at school and he finally made it. You would have thought that he just got his first chest hair. It means a lot to make it on that chart!! Only one more boy to loose a tooth and school isn't even out yet! I wish that was all I had to worry about. To be young again....and by the way now I REALLY feel OLD!

Here he is checking himself out in the mirror. It all starts with the lost tooth, then I guess it will be zits next...although he has already been experimenting with new hair styles.

Here Cole is posing with my Tooth Fairy pillow. It is one of the few things I still have from my childhood so it feels really good to have my Son be able to use it. He actually was very excited to put his tooth in the little pocket and then he placed it under his pillow to wait for the "dough".

This was this morning after the Tooth Fairy left. I think he was expecting more but with the "economy" the way it is the Tooth Fairy had to "cut back"!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Photo Friday

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Beginnings of a Tree House

Rob has decided to build Cole a tree house and while it is technically a "house" it will not be in a tree. It will be "one with the tree limbs" though. We just didn't want to risk hurting our big beautiful oak tree so Rob is building it underneath it. Cole really wants him to connect it to his play scape so that may come at a later date. Our entire property is like a big rock pile so it has taken a while due to Rob hitting nothing but rock when he was digging the holes. I hope now it can take off and Cole can be in it by Summer. I need it up by the Summer for my sanity!! I am documenting the progress so here is what he has done so far.

Ground Zero

First Post

Pouring Cement

Putting Cole's Initials in the Cement

more to follow..............