Monday, April 21, 2008

The Beginnings of a Tree House

Rob has decided to build Cole a tree house and while it is technically a "house" it will not be in a tree. It will be "one with the tree limbs" though. We just didn't want to risk hurting our big beautiful oak tree so Rob is building it underneath it. Cole really wants him to connect it to his play scape so that may come at a later date. Our entire property is like a big rock pile so it has taken a while due to Rob hitting nothing but rock when he was digging the holes. I hope now it can take off and Cole can be in it by Summer. I need it up by the Summer for my sanity!! I am documenting the progress so here is what he has done so far.

Ground Zero

First Post

Pouring Cement

Putting Cole's Initials in the Cement

more to follow..............


Tanya said...

What a neat way for Cole to be apart of building the "tree house!"

twarpula said...

fun! Cole is in for a great summer!!

The Powell Family said...

Thanks for visiting over at katymom...looks like you have a sweet husband that wants you to have fun this summer too!