Monday, May 5, 2008

8 Months Old

Our little girl turned 8 months old yesterday....where has the time gone?
Here are a few things about our sweet Kylie:
1. She has mastered Mama, Dada and now is saying
"Ba" when we go outside, which we think is Bye-Bye. When I leave to pick-up Cole from school I always say "lets go Bye-Bye and when we walk Daddy and Cole out to leave in the morning we say "Bye-Bye".
2. She is holding her own bottle...she needs a little help putting her hands on it to start. It is a very heavy bottle with all the components inside!!
3. She loves all the baby food we have given her. Although she has made a few faces at some things (like Meat, I would too cause it STINKS) she has not turned anything down. It is finally starting to show-have you checked out those thighs!!!
4. Although she is not crawling yet she is doing much better about being on her tummy. When she is on her tummy she turns all around instead of going forward.
5. Since being off of the Reflux pillow she has started turning over in her bed. And around and upside down!! She finally has freedom to move around and does not stay in one spot for too long.
6. She is officially off of her medication and so far so good. We will keep praying that all goes well.
7. She likes to wave at other people except her Mommy and Daddy. Other people will tell her Hi and have been saying she is waving and we finally got to see her do it. It is really cute cause she will do it even when people aren't looking at her.
8. She likes attention and will GROWL until you give her some!! It is kinda hard to have a conversation with someone with all that growling but once you acknowledge her she will stop.
9. Kylie is the happiest most content baby I have ever seen. Once she got over her rough couple of weeks after birth she has been the easiest baby and likes everyone and we LOVE her!!


twarpula said...

Wow I can't believe 8 months has gone by!! Sweet girl.

JessBless said...

Oh, those are the cutest pictures of her!!! She definitely looks happy!!!! And, I loved all the things you listed about her.