Thursday, January 22, 2009

Catching Up-Part 1

Summer Vacation 2008-Aransas Pass

I am going to have to play "catch up" for a while since the computer went down so I am going all the way back to the Summer time to post some of our pics. These are pictures of our trip to my Aunt's house in Aransas Pass. It was Cole's second time to go to the beach and Kylie's first time. As you can tell from the picture below she enjoyed the sand the most!! What is it with babies and sand?? We couldn't keep her from eating it. I guess it bulks up her immune system! She however did NOT like the water and wanted no part of it and let us all know about it. Cole on the other hand was even more brave this year which scared Mommy a little bit. We also hit the really cool water park just down the street from my Aunt's house but I didn't include those pics.

The kids really loved the birds and of course the birds REALLY loved the kids. Can't you tell? I had a hard time getting Kylie to stop eating the bread long enough to share with the birds. That girl and her carbs. All in all it was a fun trip and always good to visit with some family that I never really knew growing up. We hope to be able to visit every Summer.