Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Cole!

On August 20Th, 2002, James Cole Greene was born @ 1:09 P.M. It was a wonderful day in that God picked Rob and I to be Cole's parents. I feel truly blessed to have such an amazing, smart and kind-hearted little boy...oops BIG boy! He keeps us laughing and there is never a dull moment when he is around. I can't believe I am about to have a 2ND grader. That just doesn't sound right!

When Cole was born he had a little bump in the road by developing a fever. He was put in the NI CU and had a spinal tap and other tests performed to figure out the problem. After giving him antibiotics he was released 4 days later. Never really knew what the problem was and you would never know there had been one. He had some trouble with ear infections and asthma as an infant/toddler but by the time he hit around 3 he left all of that in the wind and hasn't stopped running yet. He has had amazing health!! He only missed 1/2 day in Kindergarten due to pink eye and 1 day last year with a stomach virus that his sister gave him. He is a strong boy...he must have gotten that from his Father because I catch everything!!

Cole loves to be around people (kind of like his Dad) and really really loves his sister. He always prayed for a brother or sister and when we told him he was going to have a sister, he would pray for her to hurry up and get here.

He likes to "collect" (like most boys), rocks (he calls them magic crystals), sticks and bugs. He can turn just about any stick into a machine gun and I am constantly finding magic crystals all over the house! He has tried to bring the bugs in the house but they have to stay in the bug catcher outside!!

He loves to perform magic tricks for us and even went door to door trying to sell his magic tricks for $5! (No...I did not know he even left the yard). When that didn't work he set up a magic stand in the front yard, but sadly had no customers.

Cole is a very strong reader and has been reading "above average" since he started school. Funny thing is he hates to do it. He also is great at Math, again something that I do not do well in. Again from his Dad!

He got a lot of traits from his Dad but the one thing besides my eyes that I think he got from me is his SOFT HEART!! He feels so much for people and animals! One time our dog got after some baby possums and I had to restrain Cole from "defending" the babys. He was so distraught and could not stop crying. He cares for homeless people and worries about them out in the weather as well as animals during storms. Don't even get me started on sad movies. We should video his emotions while watching.

Cole is the best kid any parent could ask for!! We love him so much and love the big boy he is turning into. Thank you God for our Son! Happy 7Th Birthday Cole!