Monday, August 11, 2008

Kylie 11 Months

Kylie turned 11 months old on September 4th. I can't believe she is almost a year old! Time has flown by and she has changed so much before our eyes. Here is her list of new tricks and fun things.

1. She is now signing...all finished (w/one hand), cookie, milk, more, & please.
2. Is now it shouldn't much longer on the crawling.
3. Has 4 teeth including a huge gap between her two front teeth (so did Cole).
4. Loves all food but especially loves BEANS....great!!
5. Waves at almost everyone and has been very friendly until....
6. Last weekend I think she started seperation anxiety!!
7. Is terrified of men dressed up like shepards...that's another story.
8. She loves music and will dance and stomp her foot or shake her leg.
9. She is already practicing her karate chops on her big brother...he loves it!
10.Loves going for rides in her little car & likes to pretend to steer.
11.She really loves books and will sit forever and just flip through them.

That's it for now for our sweet baby girl....until next month at One Year Old!

I had to throw in this hilarious picture of Kylie. She gets this look from her Dad!!


Kim P. said...

She's growing up so fast! Great pictures as always =)

twarpula said...

She has some funny expressions! The last one looks like she is pointing at the 11 months sign, how funny. -tanya