Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lots of Firsts

Since Kylie has turned 6 months old she has embarked on a lot of firsts. After taking her in for her check-up, the Dr. said we can slowly change some things that we have been doing for her Acid Reflux. The first thing we did was let her sleep in her bed like a normal baby. No more Acid Reflux Pillow! The first time I put her down for a nap she only slept 45 minutes compared to her 3 hour marathon. The most important thing however was that she did not cry!!! Here is a picture of her when she was strapped to her pillow and then a picture I took of her when she was sleeping "flat" like a normal little baby.

Here a some pictures of Kylie's first time to eat real food. She wasn't as excited as I thought she would be since she is always staring at our food. I know soon enough she will be digging in!! She first had rice cereal and thought that was just okay. She then tried squash and from her expression in the picture you can tell she was not impressed. Since then she had moved on to carrots. No need to take a picture of that because she had the same expression as with squash. Maybe she like fruit better!!

The next thing that we consider a first is Kylie's "First Word".....Mama. Now to some people this might just be jabber but to me of course I say that this is her first word...even though she is only 6 months old. So you just decide for yourself by checking out these two videos.


JessBless said...

I totally believe you. She really does say Mama!! Does she give lessons...Titus could use some. He still calls me Dada or Daddy!

twarpula said...

Sounds like Mama to me!! You must be so proud!! -Tanya