Monday, March 31, 2008


Another funny brought to you by Cole

The past couple of days Cole has mentioned a Teacher at School that I had never heard of and he even asked to invite her to Bridge Day. Tonight he stated matter of fact "Ms. Hahn has a crush on me." Now while I am dying inside with laughter, fear and feelings of needing to call his Dad I manage to keep my composure to ask him how he knows Ms. Hahn has a crush on him? He said that every time his class walks by her class and he tells her Hello she says "Hi Sweetie" and that really embarrasses him so that is how he knows she has a crush on him. WOW....should I be worried? It was bad enough when I found a Kindergarten girl's phone number in his pack and he asked to have a phone in his room but now he has moved up considerably and he is only FIVE oh, wait, sorry FIVE 1/2!!
And just because I was curious about this Ms. Hahn, I had Cole show me a picture of her in the Faculty photo...let's just say my boy has good taste..he must get that from his Father!!


twarpula said...

LOL!! That boy is SO funny!! I can't believe you found a girls phone # in his backpack. How funny is that? And the teacher thing is so cute. Whooo 5 going on 15!! :)

JessBless said...

He is so full of character and charm. Your stories about him totally crack me up.

jonna said...

Way too funny! You are in for it...And at least he's not suffering from a lack of self-esteem.