Thursday, March 27, 2008

"You Can Be A Recycling SuperHero"

So my son has a new obsession......recycling! Ever since Captain Can (who would have thought to put tights on a can) came to his school to teach about recycling Cole has been obsessed. Now I admit recycling is something we don't do...I know we should..But we don't... (until now). He is always telling me to not throw away certain things and that we should recycle them. The funniest thing is that this week each time I opened up his lunch kit after school I found "trash" that was not something I sent with him. A Styrofoam cup, empty Popsicle wrapper, fruit snack wrapper, get the point. When I finally asked him about it he said he brought it home so we could recycle it. I told him that the school recycles. When you go to throw away your trash there is a lady there that seems to be recycling things. He stated "No way someone throwed up in there, we can't recycle it after that." I guess I will make a call tomorrow about getting a recycling bin!!

Another funny tonight was when I was clipping his incredibly long toenails he stated "No don't clip them I want to keep them so I can climb trees." His Dad really needs to stop making those kind of jokes!!


twarpula said...

Oh my word that is SO funny about the toe nails. Why is it that dad's say those things, its not like they get it?! And the "trash" in his lunch box is funny funny!! Glad you wrote that one down to remember. Cute!